California Prune Growers Marketing Association (CPGMA) is a grower owned cooperative. Member farmers cultivate, harvest, and dehydrate  fresh prune-plums to produce California dried prunes (also known as California dried plums). 

California’s Central Valley produces the finest prunes in the world because of the unique combination of climatic conditions, soil, sunshine, water, and culture. Cool winters and warm, dry summers provide ideal conditions for tree health and fruit development.

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California Dried Prunes

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Members’ prunes are marketed to buyers in various forms: in a natural condition state without processing, and as processed prunes in whole or pitted form, or as prune juice or prune concentrate.​

California Prunes are carefully harvested so the the fruit never touches the ground. The prunes are washed and placed on trays and dried in temperature controlled tunnels providing the highest level of food safety.

The natural health benefits of California prunes are wide ranging. California prunes have been shown in clinical human trials to stop and even reverse  bone loss, improve digestive health. They have also been shown to improve learning and memory in animal trialsOnly California Prunes have been shown to prevent and even reverse bone loss.  Besides being great tasting and a convenient snack, California Prunes promote health, aiding in digestion and prevention of disease.