CPGMA is your Direct Source for the finest quality prunes always 100% grown and packed in California.

Contact us with your needs for whole, pitted, processed, or natural condition prunes, and prune juice concentrate. Available in bulk or consumer packages to your specifications. 

The California Prune Growers Marketing Association (CPGMA) is a farmer owned cooperative. CPGMA members cultivate, harvest, and dehydrate fresh prune-plums to produce the highest quality California Prunes. Founded by the Prune Bargaining Association to provide direct marketing services to PBA members in 2013, the CPGMA provides access to both domestic and overseas markets. The CPGMA acts as an agent on behalf of its members to process and distribute its members products to buyers of natural condition and processed whole, and pitted prunes, and prune juice concentrate. 

California prune growers